Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Legacy update

Legacy is getting better but Emily had him at my house while I was at the dog show and he over did it outside and ran around with Titan and Cassie too much and got his one back foot bleeding. He is only knuckling over on his left side and only once in awhile.

Titan New Champion

Titan has been a UKC Grand Champion and an International Champion for 3 years but recently became an AKC Champion after 13 times getting reserve winners dog. He became a Champion last month. I just would not give up as he deserved to be a Champ.

Belize at the Handford Show

My little Belize is getting prettier and prettier. From not even moving around the ring at her first show in November,2009 to getting Reserve Winners Bitch on Friday at the Handford show. I have great expectations for her.

Handford Show

Wow!!!!! We were big winners at the Handford show this past week end. Eragon was winner's dog on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. So he racked up another 3 points. So he is half way through to his Championship.