Monday, August 16, 2010

A Tribute to Anij

It has been awhile since I lost my sweet Anij. She was my heart dog and even though I have a houseful of Great Danes I missher terribly. She was the leader of the pack and kept everyone else in line. she always had the spot next to me in bed. She rode in the passenger seat in the car like a person. Anij was the smartest dog I have ever had and we were quite a team in obedience and rally. She loved learning new things but got very bored with the old. She always went to every dog show even when she stopped showing. She certainly was the Queen of the house. No one has taken her place. Magic and Cassie are content to be followers. Although they both have come out of their shells and vie more for my affection since Anij is gone. So I think it will be fro Belize or Sunshine to take up the crown and my money's on Sunshine.