Monday, December 27, 2010

Eragon's Major Win

Eragon got his first major in Roseburg, Oregon with my friend, Tom, handling him to perfection. Now only 3 points to go and he will be an AKC champion.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Belize is Bred

Wow I cannot believe that Belize and her sister, Pistol, Just did not want to be bred. Is this a 19 year old semen thing. I missed Pistol but did Progesterones on Belize so I knew when she was fertile. She absolutely refused Eragon and even tried to bite him but guess what your mom is a vet and I can make things work. So I anestesized your ass and put those little swimmers right in your uterus so I think you are pregnant. I will check you on Jan 15th. So I hope to have a good litter about Feb 15,2011. Kitty

Friday, December 3, 2010

Walking in the Rain

Dispite what you easterners might think It does rain and is cold sometimes in California. here are Magic and Titan decked out to walk in the rain.

Belize and Eragon

Belize is in heat right now and I will breed her to Eragon. Eragon just got his first major in Roseburg Oregon so he only needs 3 points to finish his AKC Championship. He is already a UKC Grand champion and an International Champion. The puppies will be born in Feb and ready to go to their forever homes in April. See my litter box page on web site for details as they occur.

Pistol Devin breeding

Unfortunately Pistol did not take so I will breed her next heat to Devin's frozen semen. I think some of it was Devin's age but also she did not want to let him breed and would not stand still and he had trouble staying up on her. So next time it will be a surgical implant and she will not have anything to say about it. The puppies will be all black and should be born in June.