Monday, July 13, 2009

the dog show

Well Titan did not do anything at Ventura but we had a good time. I took little Belize and she ws so scared at first. We stayed in a motel 6 and that was a new experience for her. Thursday she would not get on the bed even though Titan flopped on it right away. I literally had to drag her into the dog show with her tail between her legs. My puppies have a double wammy their first dog show not only is it all new with so many dogs and strangers but also it is the first time that they are away from their pack. And all of you who have gottten puppies know how that first night away from their brothers and sisters is like.So friday at the dog show I walked her around for four hours without Titan and she was petted and petted and by the end of that time she found out that dog shows are fun. Sat and Sunday she was going up topeople expecting treats. Because all dog show people have goodies in their pockets. From now on I am going to take my puppies to the dog show without entering them so they can find out it is fun without the stress of going in the ring.
Hi Diane if your reading this. Kitty

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