Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Congradulations to Behr,Behr.

I want to brag and congradulate Holly and Gary Rake who have one of my puppies, Behr, who has successfully gained a level one title in detection scent discrimination. This is competition for drug scent work like police and FBI. Behr was one of 50 contestants. Of course most of the dogs where Sehphards, hounds, malinosi, labs and rotties and Behr was the only Dane.
Now Behr was competing with many dogs who had trained for 1 or 2 years whith professional dog trainers as handlers. Behr has only trained for 6 months. Behr was one of only 15 dogs with qualifying scores and she got a perfect score. She is also still a puppy so we know she will do more impressive things in the future.
She will always be the first Dane to qualify in this competition.
We are all so proud of her and her trainers. Congradulations Behr.

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