Saturday, January 30, 2010

On Tues Legacy could walk only id supported heavily. Then on Wed He did not need as much help and he could stand on his own. Now on Thurs he could walk on his own although he knuckled over on his rear. On Friday he could get up on his own. So every day he has improved and I hope he will recover.
David and Jennifer came from Phoenix to seehim and they were so wonderful that Ithought I needed to give them a dog so I let them have Legacy's sister, Fame. They took Fame but really liked Legacy and ifhe gets 100% they will take hime also.
So Fame has gone to a new home but Titan is sad. I tried to get Magic to stay with him but no way. She just sat in front of the door to the house. I will try Cassie and Saffaria hopefully someone will want to stay with poor Titan.
So Fame got a new home but also Legacy when he recovers.

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